December 10th, 2014

December 10th

It's Not Christmas Without You - An NCIS Fanfiction - Tibbs_Yuletide Calendar Day 10

Title: It's Not Christmas Without You

Author: dinozzoitis aka Violetwarnercobalt aka this_years_me

Author's Notes: Written for the 2014 tibbs_yuletide advent calendar.  This was inspired by a small insignificant moment in my street that inspired produced a plot bunny.

Warning: Slash, slight angst (when aren't my fics slightly angsty but it isn't a full on angst, it ends happy I swear).

Spoilers: None, apologies if I accidentally missed something though.

Characters/Pairings: Tony/Gibbs, Team (Ducky, Jimmy, McGee & Abby)

Rating: PG

Genre/Category: Romance, Holiday, Fluff, Slight Angst, Song Fic.

Word Count: 2,014

Disclaimer: I do not own or am in any way affiliated with those that own NCIS, nor am I connected to the show's cast and crew. Also I do not own the song 'It's Not Christmas Without You' Performed by Katherine McPhee. This is written out of pure enjoyment and absolutely no money is being made from its creation.

Summary: There are times when we don't get the thing we really want for Christmas, and then there are other times when a little miracle happens and dreams come true.

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