DiNozzoitis (dinozzoitis) wrote,

Making a list, checking it twice.

ooh Long time no post here!

I think most of you who follow me on here now follow me on my normal Livejournal this_years_me but for those of you who may have just joined me (and I am sorry about that). This is my fandom LJ which basically only gets used in December for tibbs_yuletide Since this is actually just a progress update I thought I would post here instead of the other journal.

Once again I have signed up for the christmas com, and thought maybe I had put myself down for a bit too much (as usual but I always make it, including the year I did a last minute fic since I depressed everyone). However I am happy to say I seem to be on track!

I have signed up for 2 fics and an art piece this year.

My progress so far:

Fic 2 - In Progress but have quite a bit done!

I am hoping by the 25th of November to have everything complete so I just have to post!

Better get back to it!

If you are interested in joining/participating in the 2013 Gibbs/DiNozzo christmas/winter slash community tibbs_yuletide please do!
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