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Themed Fic Lists

I know a lot of people seem to be doing these lately but with everyone's own taste in fics and criteria for what should be posted, I thought I would go ahead and make my own.

Not sure how many lists I will end up having, will have to see, but I will also link to other people's lists just in case anyone is curious.

Please feel free to comment with what type of lists you would like to see and comment either here or at the specific list posts (when they are up) with any fics you feel should be added. I will try and add WIPs at the end of each section so they aren't confused with completed fics.

To start off with I will have Crossover Fics, Personal Favorites, Holiday Fics and a link below to other lists. 

Please Note: They will all be NCIS fics (so with Crossovers it will be NCIS/whatever) and apart from the links to lists created by other people each list will be in a separate post.

Personal Favorites

Holiday Centered Fics

NCIS Crossover Fics

Other Peoples Themed Fic Lists:
Canon Character Childhood Fics List by Slashscribe at Livejournal
Disability Fiction by Slashscribe at Livejournal
Same Sex Marriage/Civil Unions by Slashscribe at Livejournal
Supernatural Fics (Angels/Ghosts, Mind Powers, Vampires, Werewolves) by Slashscribe at Livejournal
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